Lauren- 2011

Lauren- 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011


hey there,

lauren's spinal tap is rescheduled for april 13th -

she met w/her ortho doc last week and is scheduled for an mri in june and hip surgery in july-

she'll meet w/GI next week to discuss her feeding issues-

spring begins today- let's hope it heats up soon! lauren loves the warm weather- don't we all :)

love to all,
jen & family

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pls keep lauren in your thoughts next week.... she's meeting w/her ortho doc to discuss how to fix her hip AND we're in the process of scheduling a lumbar puncture at Lancaster General for Friday to pull a sample of spinal fluid. not the most fun a 2 1/2 year old can have but hey! this is her life & hopefully this will lead to more answers for her...

her tummy seems better and she is taking her milk feedings again thru her tube- yeah!! she weighed in at 20 1/4 lbs today!!!

hope all is well where u are-
jen & lauren

Friday, March 4, 2011

lauren has not been able to take all of her milk through her feeding tube for the past week or so.... it seems like she's having some sort of stomach pain or sensitivity when receiving the milk via her tube. the GI doc and i are hoping that her stomach is just tender since she just completed her 3rd round of antiobiotics since september as well as being given multiple pain and cold medicines for her latest head cold. we're starting her on a stomach coating product used to treat ulcers which hopefully will give her relief and the ablility to handle her milk without pain again.

on a brighter note- she's "talking" more and just the other day said "juice" when i gave her a choice of juice or water- big stuff around here! she also seems to want to pull up in her crib and get up onto stuff, unfortunately her hips are still not right so she's struggling. we'll see her ortho doc later this month and will see how best to help her with that- most likely surgery.

she still loves her "school"- Lauren's House, which is a medical daycare she visits twice a week. So thankful for this program. And her time at home, (if we're not trying to feed her), is filled laughing with her sister and brother, thank goodness for older siblings!!!

hope u & yours are healthy and seeing some sunshine as spring HAS to get here one day, right!??!!