Lauren- 2011

Lauren- 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a bit better

cautiously optimisitic today-

lauren's ortho doc met w/us last week and her hips are healing well which is very good news. we'll see him again in 6 weeks.

she has lost 3 lbs. since the surgery which is disgusting but nothing we can do except try and feed her a bit more each day. too much food too fast and she gives it back so it's very slow going. right now she's getting about 300 calories each day and our goal is 960 calories.

sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night which is an improvement and oops- here she is waking early from her nap- yikes! she's just not used to her new hips yet.

off for now- hope all is well where you are.


Monday, August 15, 2011

slow going

lauren is slowly gaining strength and her PT is going well. yeah!

she is not eating well though and sleeping is still a bunch of extended naps overnight- not fun!

she appreciates all of your well wishes and prayers. thanks so much! will be in touch-

jen, lauren & family

Friday, August 5, 2011

update on post-op

hi f&f,

lauren's been home since monday and it's been a rocky week, though no surprise there. her biggest problem is lack of sleep (and mine too). she hasn't been able to move her legs since the surgery so she's not able to get comfy for sleep. hopefully she'll get some real movement soon and start resting better.

PT is going very well... her range of movement is good and she's supported a bit of her own weight each day this week (w/help).

overall, she is doing really well and is getting stronger every day.

thanks for checking in on her!
jen & fam